Current Open Positions

Reference Date Posted Job Title Job Description Group
IRG_FM_2015_021 26 November 2015 Postdoctoral Associate for Urban Freight/Logistics Modeling Part of the FM research agenda involves the development of an integrated short, medium and long-term micro-simulation capability … Future Urban Mobility
IRG_BioSyM_2015_009 11 November 2015 Postdoctoral Associate/Senior Postdoctoral Associate This Postdoctoral Associate/Senior Postdoctoral Associate will carry out cutting-edge microfluidic disease-on-chip research, … BioSyM
IRG_FM_2015_018 04 November 2015 Software Engineer - Smart-phone based travel survey Future Mobility Sensing (FMS) is a next-generation automated travel survey system that leverages pervasive smartphone ownership, … Future Urban Mobility
IRG_CENSAM_2015_012 22 October 2015 Postdoctoral Associate We seek a highly motivated Postdoctoral Associate to perform laboratory and numerical studies concerning the fate of sediments … CENSAM
IRG_FM_2015_029 20 October 2015 Frontend Digital Design Lead – DataCollider The DataCollider, a leading data visualization and analytics initiative at the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology … Future Urban Mobility
IRG_FM_2015_025 01 September 2015 Senior Software Engineer - Front-End Development We are seeking a Senior Software Engineer (front-end development) as part of the Singapore MIT Alliance for Research and … Future Urban Mobility
IRG_FM_2015_023 20 August 2015 Research Scientist/Project Manager Position in Next-Generation Freight Data Collection and Modeling A key research task ongoing at the Singapore-MIT alliance for research and technology (SMART) in Singapore is providing next-generation … Future Urban Mobility
IRG_FM_2015_020 12 August 2015 Senior Software Engineer SMART-FM is seeking for a highly motivated Senior Software Engineer for the development of the SimMobility Short and Mid … Future Urban Mobility
IRG_FM_2015_016 30 July 2015 Postdoctoral Associate – SimMobility This position is part of the SimMobility research group. SimMobility is a multi-disciplinary team that focuses on the design … Future Urban Mobility
IRG_FM_2015_015 30 July 2015 Postdoctoral Associate – Public Transport Modeling Part of the FM research agenda involves the development of SimMobility framework that Integrate and link together various … Future Urban Mobility
IRG_ID_2015_006 06 July 2015 Postdoctoral Associate The candidate will also seek to investigate these systems with the ultimate intent of developing promising systems that can … Infectious Diseases
IRG_FM_2015_009 08 June 2015 Frontend Web Developer – DATACOLLIDER The SENSEable City research group in SMART is seeking exceptional candidates to fill a position involved in the development … Future Urban Mobility