Work in Singapore

Vibrant R&D Singapore, at the crossroads of Asia, is a melting pot of a variety of cultures, nationalities and religions. It is a vibrant city-state and a knowledge and talent hub where people in different fields create, grow and exchange ideas.

In the last decade, Singapore has successfully grown its R&D base, drawn top scientific and creative talent, and nurtured R&D collaborations between the public sector and private enterprise. Singapore is highly committed to building and sustaining world-class R&D capabilities and knowledge-based industries.

Work, Live and Play Singapore ranks top as most globalised nation (A.T. Kearney/Foreign Policy Magazine Globalisation Index 2005). Singapore offers a globally top-ranked working populace, recognised for its high level of productivity, technical proficiency and positive work attitude, because of the continued investment in expertise-training to ensure depth of knowledge and currency of skill.

The city-state is safe and orderly. It is also recognised as one of the cleanest and greenest cities in the world. It has an efficient and affordable public transport system, and its healthcare services are world-class.

Singapore also has one of the highest standards of living in the world, but has a reasonable cost of living that is lower than many western countries. For more information and advice on working and living in Singapore, please visit the following websites: