Governor Patrick visits SMART

The Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Governor Deval Patrick and his delegation of 11 senior government officials and industry leaders visited SMART to discuss opportunities for collaboration in the areas of transportation, Big Data and information technology.

His hour-long visit saw him learning more about the innovative projects by the Future Urban Mobility (FM) Interdisciplinary Research Group (IRG), in particular Driverless Vehicles (mobility-on-demand), Congestion-Aware Routing System and Live Singapore!

Governor Patrick not only had an upclose view of the Live Singapore platform, which collects, fuses, distributes and provides visualization of real-time data from different sources in Singapore so as to facilitate the management of the city, but also had the opportunity ride on the driveress golf cart which seeks to resolve one of the many transport challenges like the first-mile/last-mile problem.

The event took place at SMART on 16 Dec 2013. For more, please refer to the press release by the Office of the Governor, 'Governor Patrick meets with leaders of the Singapore innovation economy'.

Prior to this event, the Governor's delegation on water visited the SMART Center for Environmental Sensing and Modeling (CENSAM) where they were introduced to projects which included the management of water distribution system, dynamic water quality monitoring, marine robotics, biomimetic aqua robots and imaging in turbid water. This visit took place on 12 Dec 2013.