Dr Iqbal - one of TR35 Regional Finalists

Congratulations Dr Iqbal Mudasser, 33, for being chosen as one of the top 10 finalists of the regional MIT TR35 Singapore, as announced by EmTech Singapore.

As a SMART Postdoctoral Associate and co-founder of Visenti, Dr Iqbal's groundbreaking work on WaterWiSe - a platform for real-time monitoring of water distribution systems that can be used by utilities to improve system management and operation - has garnered him this prestigious recognition of innovators under 35 years of age.

His journey began in 2009 when he joined CENSAM to solve the challenges related to the monitoring and control of the drinking water supply system in Singapore. He initially developed the algorithms for leakage detection and localization in the complex water supply systems, which showed promising results when tried on the realā€life water network. His next big break came when he co-won the SMART Innovation Grant ($250K) to develop innovative techniques to intelligently consume the battery power and communication bandwidth on the sensor apparatus without compromising leakage detection and localisation accuracy. He eventually developed the technique for adpative data flow optimisation that has been filed for a patent. 

He also led a team of research engineers in building the Big Data analytics platform on the Amazon Cloud. This platform is the first of its kind for the water space that provides facilities for real-time hydraulic modeling, water contamination and security breach tracking, energy conservation in water pumping operations and real-time leakage detection. Collectively, this is known as the WaterWise platform.