Phones offer insight into people's movements

Following a discussion with The Straits Times' (Singapore's leading newspaper) Senior Transport Correspondent, an article was published on 5 Sep 2013 on SMART Future Mobility Survey project. Here's a summary of the story.

Since July 2012, researchers from SMART Future Mobility Survey (FMS) team have piloted the Future Mobility Survey (software/app) in conjunction with the Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA). With more than 1,300 registered volunteers/users who have installed the FMS app on their smartphone, this exercise aims to provide high-resolution data - the first-of-its-kind in the area of transportation - that will aid transport and urban planners when this pilot ends on 30 Sep 2013.

Francisco Pereira, SMART Senior Research Scientist, elaborated: "We are testing FMS together with LTA, within LTA's Household Interview Travel Survey (HITS). It has amazing advantages like having high-resolution data throughout many days, being easier to use. It also has its challenges like battery management and user interface."

As for the privacy of participants, Mr Pereira added that 'the user knows and controls the information that the researcher gets'. Moreover, all the data is always 'aggregated, anonymised and encrypted'.

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