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SMART's Innovation Journey: Transforming Research into Commercial Success

About SMART Innovation Centre

Our Purpose

Translating your research ideas to societal impact.

Our Goal

Through its Grant programs, venture training, and mentoring, the SMART Innovation Centre’s goal is to support faculty and researchers across Singapore who have a disruptive technology and a passion for scaling it to a new venture. Our proven mentoring method, through our Adaptive Innovation Framework™, will give researchers and scientists the tools to drive their novel technology to successful venture formation and capitalization. Beyond funding, training, and mentoring, new ventures will also benefit from MIT’s reputation and network, giving unparalleled global access to capital, markets, and human resources.

The Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART) formed an Innovation Centre in Singapore over 10 years ago to support faculty and researchers in Singapore. During this time, the SMART Innovation Centre (SMART IC) has helped Singapore researchers launch 54 companies with a net portfolio value of US$1.3 billion.

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