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to support our grant program

Under our grant programs, Venture Building rests on the foundation of three funding phases from lab to marketplace. We have tailored our training/mentoring to support each stage.


Over the last ten years, the SMART Innovation Centre (SMART IC) has trained over 300 researchers and post-docs with the skills and tools needed to launch new ventures to drive their discoveries to impact. This material is part of the book "Adaptive Innovation: A Researcher’s Guide to Venture Creation" published by World Scientific. Our three new training/mentoring workshops will rely on several Master Classes for group and peer learning and one-on-one mentoring with a domain-specific expert with entrepreneurship experience. Each workshop will provide the team with the following tools and expertise specific to their project:

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During the Venture Execution phase, SMART IC will work with our local and international investors network to prepare the team for scale-up and fundraising. SMART IC will assign a one-on-one mentor from a pool of mentors trained and qualified by SMART IC under our "Catalyst Network ." In addition, market study resources and business CXO leaders will be sourced collaboratively from prestigious business schools: SLOAN, ASB, and INSEAD. The goal is to provide the research community with the tools and connections to drive their discovery to scalable venture formation and impact.

Please contact our Team to learn more and get involved with growing this community of scientist entrepreneurs.

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