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Critical Analytics for Manufacturing Personalized-Medicine

What is the CAMP IRG?

CAMP IRG focuses on better ways to produce living cells as medicine or cellular therapies to provide more patients access to promising and approved therapies. Leveraging deep collaborations within Singapore and MIT in the United States, CAMP invents and demonstrates Critical Quality Attributes (CQA) and Process Analytic Technologies (PAT) capabilities from stem to immune cells, and its work addresses ailments ranging from cancer to tissue degeneration, targeting adherent and suspended cells, with and without genetic engineering.

The Goal of CAMP IRG

CAMP launched in June 2019 with the goal of addressing two key bottlenecks facing the production of a range of potential cell therapies: Critical Quality Attributes (CQA) and Process Analytic Technologies (PAT) for cell therapy production.


CAMP is part of Singapore's broader national effort on cell therapy manufacturing. CAMP’s objective is to ensure that this practical research and the growing workforce dedicated to the manufacturing industry and healthcare sector expands access to promising approved therapies for a broader patient population. 

CAMP’s IRG Value Proposition: The state of cell therapy


Cell therapy is a field of medicine where cells are used as living drugs to fight diseases or restore and replace damaged cells; advances in regenerative medicine and immunotherapy have benefited countless patients; they offer numerous new treatment alternatives to previously intractable diseases, with hundreds more in the developmental pipeline that gives new hope to patients. 


A significant challenge within cell therapy is establishing uniform cell sourcing and manufacturing processes while concurrently addressing safety apprehensions and ensuring patient access to these innovative treatments.

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