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Research Projects- CAMP

CAMP invents and demonstrates these CQA/PAT capabilities:


  • From stem to immune cells


  • Addressing ailments ranging from cancer to tissue degeneration


  • Targeting adherent and suspended cells, with and without genetic engineering


  • Leveraging deep and growing collaborations in Singapore and at MIT


Our goal is that this applied research and the new workforce that develops with and for the manufacturing industry & clinics will provide more patients with access to promising, approved therapies.

CAMP’s Flagship Projects:

Flagship Project 1


Label-free critical quality attributes for personalised efficacy of cell therapies, including multivariate analysis of biological and biophysical attributes

Flagship Project 2

Rapid critical quality attributes for the safety of cell sources and cell therapy products, informing process analytic technologies and speeding product release

Flagship Project 3

PAT for cell proliferation and recovery, including inline and intermittent monitoring to promote efficacy and safety attributes for timely cell product release

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