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Central Gap Grant Program

The SMART Innovation Centre (SMART IC) has been designated an IEO under the NRF's Central Gap Program. This program can provide up to $2 million to help a solid team bridge from initial grant funding provided by SMART IC to full venture funding. To be eligible, teams must have successfully completed one of the earlier grants offered by SMART IC (Innovation 2.0, STDR Stream 2 (Platform Technology), or I2START Grant programs). This funding will be vital for projects needing additional product development before they can attract seed or Series A capital. Currently, the SMART IC manages several Central Gap Projects: Speedcargo, New Silicon, and SingValve. We expect to work with our project teams to apply for 1-2 Central Gap Grant funded projects per year. The Central Gap Grant is an open grant call, and applicants can apply throughout the year. Please contact our Director for more information and assistance if you are interested.

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