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Our Program

  • One Program to Grow New Ventures,

  • Three Phases of Funding and Mentorship

  • Four Grants to Fund Venture Development

The SMART IC runs a comprehensive program for scientists and researchers passionate about growing new ventures around their disruptive deep technology. Depending on the nature and scope of your technology advance, we have four grant programs to choose from:

  • Innovation 2.0 This grant program can provide up to $800K and is open to all areas of deep technology (engineering, artificial intelligence, biomedical, new materials, etc.)

  • Singapore Therapeutics Development Review (STDR) Stream 2 This grant is jointly operated by SMART, A*STAR, and EDDC. The portion managed by SMART focuses on platform therapeutic technologies. The grant is available in two phases, a Pre-Pilot phase of $100K and a Pilot phase of $830K, with a potential combined total of up to $930K.

  • I2START This grant is jointly managed by SMART, NHIC, and ESG and is focused on medical devices, diagnostics, and medical technologies. The grant is up to $1,350,000.

  • Central Gap Funding SMART IC is an IEO office under NRF's Central Gap Program. Central Gap Funding will help projects that have already received an Innovation 2.0, STDR Stream 2, or I2START Grant but need additional funding to bridge to seed or series A funding. Central Gap funding can be up to $5 million.

Each grant program (Innovation 2.0, STDR Stream 2, and I2START) has 3 phases of funding and, correspondingly, 3 phases of training and mentoring. The SMART IC will guide you through this 3 phase grant process from lab idea to fundable, executable new venture. You will progressively advance in skills and demonstrate your value proposition from the technical, market, and implementation perspectives.

Phases for Venture Development under the Innovation Centre programs


For more information, please look under the specific grant program.

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