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Intellectual  Property Application

SMART researchers (MIT faculty receiving SMART funding, SMART employees, and collaborators at NUS, NTU or Polytechnics who used SMART funding or SMART facilities to make an invention) must submit a written disclosure of SMART Sponsored IP that he or she invents, conceives or develops, to the SMART IP Coordinator promptly following invention, conception or development, in no event later than six (6) weeks before any public presentation, disclosure or publication of such SMART Sponsored IP.

  1. SMART invention must be disclosed and submitted using the SMART Invention Disclosure form (Adobe PDF | MS Word).

  2. Please provide requested information in all sections of this form unless it is stated optional in the form (indicate “Nil” or “NA” where appropriate). A technical write-up on the invention can be attached to the SMART Invention Disclosure form if it is available.

  3. The signature of the inventor(s) is compulsory.

  4. All SMART Invention Disclosure forms must be first submitted to Invention Disclosure Form serves as an official notification to SMART of the conception of an intellectual property.

  5. The SMART IP Coordinator will acknowledge receipt of your Invention Disclosure Form and provide you with a reference no. for your future correspondence.

  6. The SMART IP Coordinator will first review all SMART Sponsored IP disclosures received before sending them to the Singapore Technology Licensing Office (STLO). Do note that it will hinder the invention disclosure process if the SMART IP Coordinator has to correspond with you for information that is incomplete on the Invention Disclosure Form.

  7. The NUS Industry Liaison Office (NUS ILO), herein known as the “STLO”, has been assigned to perform the intellectual property management services for SMART Sponsored IP. Upon receipt of the completed form from the SMART IP Coordinator, STLO will conduct due diligence to evaluate the intellectual property for protection and commercialization within 90 days. A person from STLO with an appropriate technology background will contact you for a discussion on your invention.

  8. Do not hesitate to contact Howard Califano at if you are unsure about the process or concerned whether your research is at the right stage of development to pursue protection (disclosure/patenting) or you would like to informally run your findings by us first.

  9. The following information must be noted when protecting your intellectual property rights:

a. Intended public disclosure (refer below) date of the invention is critical. The inventor must specify the intended date of public disclosure of the invention on the SMART Invention Disclosure form and attach an abstract of the invention to be submitted together with the SMART Invention Disclosure form to the SMART IP Coordinator at least 6 weeks (or as soon as possible) before the eminent public disclosure of their inventions. Any public disclosure prior to SMART Invention Disclosure submission or confirmation from NUS ILO may jeopardize the application for patent protection.

      The following constitutes a public disclosure:

  • Publication in journals, magazines, booklets of funding agencies, etc.

  • Publication in any journals, magazines or booklets deposited in the university library or any other library that is freely accessible to the public.

  • Posting information on the Internet.

  • Oral or written disclosure including abstract and poster session at scientific meeting.

  • Presentation at a seminar, lecture or symposium (where non-university members may be present).

  • Disclosing to visitors who have not previously signed a Confidential Disclosure Agreement.

  • Posters in corridors where the public has access.

  • Announcement of experimental trials that include enabling disclosure of the invention.

  • Advertisement, sale, demonstration or use in public of the invention.

b. Inventor must be fully aware of the Background IP encumbrances (prior License Agreement, MTA etc, if any) that tie to their inventions; all contractual obligations if available, (refer to the SMART Invention Disclosure Form, question 5) must be disclosed accordingly. Relevant information stipulated by the inventor on the SMART Invention Disclosure form will help expedite and lead the product to commercialization.

c. Inventorship is a big deal with legal implications and consequences. If you are new to this and unsure, please email Howard Califano at to determine who should be listed as an inventor on the form.

Please notify us of public disclosure deadlines as soon as possible.

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