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Completed Research/IRGs 

BioSystems  and Micromechanics  (BioSyM) IRG

The SMART BioSyM IRG has three major areas of focus. First and foremost is the development of new technologies to address critical medical and biological questions applicable to a variety of diseases. Second, is the further development of these technologies to provide novel solutions for the healthcare industry.

Infectious  Diseases (ID) IRG

The SMART Infectious Disease (ID) IRG seeks a fundamental understanding of hostpathogen interactions as well as the direct impact on human health through translational research. 

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Center  for Environmental Sensing and Modeling  (CENSAM) IRG

The grand challenge of the Centre for Environmental Sensing and Modeling (CENSAM) is to provide proof of concepts in the paradigm of pervasive monitoring, modelling, and control within the highly developed and carefully managed urban environment of Singapore.

Future Urban Mobility (FM) IRG

Poised to provide cutting-edge urban mobility solutions for the future with an eye on the current, medium and long-term urban evolution.

Green Energy Turbines
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