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Mens, Manus and Machina (M3S) IRG

What is the M3S IRG?

M3S is an interdisciplinary research group (IRG) launched in July 2023 by SMART, MIT’s research enterprise in Singapore. Inspired by MIT’s motto of mens et manus (“mind and hand”), the programme aims to promote the use of AI and machines for practical applications through an intersectional approach. 


The Goal of M3S IRG


The M3S IRG is dedicated to addressing critical social and institutional challenges arising from the proliferation of AI and emerging technologies. Its mission is to push the boundaries of these fields, delivering substantial benefits to Singapore and the global community. The IRG is centred on developing technology and educational initiatives and establishing institutions that foster effective collaboration between humans and machines, both in professional environments and beyond.


How Research at M3S IRG Can Shape Society


M3S's groundbreaking work spans diverse areas, encompassing soft robotics, brain interfaces, learning algorithms, task allocation, team formation, model compression, sustainable technology, and technology and social acceptability of AI and robotics. The focus on the impact of AI on human welfare and productivity is central to SMART M3S's mission, contributing to society's transition towards an AI and machine-enhanced future. SMART M3S aims to redefine the boundaries of AI, automation, and robotics through interdisciplinary research and impactful collaborations, fostering scientific, societal, and commercial impact. The research explores the intricate interplay between human capabilities, emerging technologies, and societal structures to design inclusive, resilient, and innovative solutions. Collaborating with Singaporean partners, SMART M3S seeks to enhance Singapore's AI policies, elevate its economic standing in AI, and contribute to local workforce training and mentorship on AI topics.

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