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Mens, Manus and Machina (M3S) IRG


What is the M3S IRG?

M3S is an interdisciplinary research group (IRG) launched in July 2023 by SMART, MIT’s research enterprise in Singapore. Inspired by MIT’s motto of mens et manus (“mind and hand”), the programme aims to promote AI and machine use for practical applications through an intersectional approach. The research at M3S addresses critical questions concerning the design of technology, the development of human skills, and the adaptation of institutions and social structures to effectively navigate the transformative impact of AI, automation, and robotics. By exploring the intricate interplay between human capabilities, emerging technologies, and societal structures, M3S seeks to drive scientific, societal, and commercial impact that will pave the way for the design of inclusive, resilient, and innovative solutions that empower individuals, institutions, and cities in Singapore and beyond.

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