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New method to predict effectiveness of MSCs for cartilage repair in vitro

Drug Target Review

25 May 2024

Singapore: New technology accurately identifies plant stress to help agricultural production


12 May 2024

Microfluidic Cell Sorting: Scaling for Clinical and Therapeutic Applications

Bioprocessing International

10 Apr 2024

Drainage canals for peatlands are major source of carbon emissions, study finds

Lianhe Zaobao

18 Mar 2024

Enhancing T-Cell Therapy: Breakthroughs in Rapid Sterility Testing

Technology Networks

6 Feb 2024

New technology optimises mesenchymal stem cell extraction

Drug Target Review

1 Dec 2023

Novel Microfluidic Method Optimizes Stem Cell Extraction for Advanced Cell Therapies

Technology Networks

16 Nov 2023

National Research Foundation grants $1 million for AI Research Projects

Lianhe Zaobao

12 Jul 2023

Navigating Biomedical Challenges

Portfolio Magazine

20 May 2024

Singapore’s SMART researchers pioneer sensor multiplexing for Real-Time decoding of plant stresses

AgroSpectrum Asia

26 Apr 2024

Drainage canals for peatlands are major source of carbon emissions, study finds

The Straits Times

20 Mar 2024

Singapore researchers measure carbon in bogs, aiding peatland restoration

The Nation

15 Mar 2024

The future of smart farming: AI will make controlled environment agriculture a reality

Asia Pacific Food Industry (APFI) Jan/Feb 2024 (p29)

29 Jan 2024

Innovative technologies facilitate novel contamination-detection method

European Pharmaceutical Review

30 Nov 2023

Groundbreaking Discovery Unlocks New Pathway to Combat Antibiotic Resistance in Asia

Medical Channel Asia

17 Aug 2023

CNA Exclusive: Prof Zhao Discusses SMART M3S' Launch and Mission

CNA, Singapore Tonight

12 Jul 2023

Groundbreaking SMART study reveals how malaria parasites develop drug resistance

Healthcare Asia Daily

16 May 2024

Singaporean researchers introduce peatland restoration tech


21 Apr 2024

From rainforests to peatlands

The Straits Times (e-paper)

18 Mar 2024

New locally developed model uses satellite data to calculate carbon content of bogs

Lianhe Zaobao

14 Mar 2024

CNA Exclusive: Prof Jinhua Zhao on the MIT-Singapore AI Symposium

CNA - Singapore Tonight

10 Jan 2024

Researchers pave the way for faster and safer T-cell therapy through novel contamination-detection method


28 Nov 2023

SMART researchers uncover novel bacterial communication system to combat antimicrobial resistance


19 Jul 2023

Commentary: Addressing food security, Singapore must revolutionize urban farming and nurture new farmers.

Today Online

6 Jul 2023

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