Our Programmes

Grant Programmes The Grant program is opened to SMART researchers and also to faculty at all Singapore Universities and Research Institutes.

  • Innovation Grant (up to S$250,000)
  • The funding is used to: (1) de-risk the technology by developing prototypes or conducting proofofconcept experiments; and (2) determine a go-to-market strategy for the products or services being developed. The end point of the grant funding would be a well defined business opportunity attractive to start-up company formation or licensing to a commercial firm. The Innovation Grant and support from the Innovation Centre will assist faculty to move their discovery from the laboratory to the marketplace.

Catalyst Programmes The "Catalyst Program" was established to nurture and mentor entrepreneurs. "Catalysts" are selected from the local Singapore business community who have expertise working with emerging technology companies. The "Catalysts" are volunteers and are involved in one or at most two Projects and will act as a volunteer member of i-Teams to develop a go-to-market scheme for his/ her particular project. The Catalysts will meet with each Grant funded research team monthly and help establish a go-to-market strategy.

Educational Programmes The SMART Innovation Centre provides an excellent laboratory to teach innovation and entrepreneurship to a broader community of faculty and students. The SMART Innovation Centre will offer a series of educational programs focused on entrepreneurship and is currently working with INSEAD, Singapore Management University and National University of Singapore to develop the programs. Faculty from MIT/ SLOAN will help establish Entrepreneurial Courses in collaboration with National University of Singapore, INSEAD, Singapore Management University and structure i-Teams to assist the Grant funded projects. i-Teams are interdisciplinary teams of MBA students and the Grant funded research team.