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EmTech Asia: SMART innovations wow crowd

BioSyM, FM and LEES at EmTech Asia 2016

At this year's EmTech Asia - the conference on emerging technologies - SMART wowed the 500 delegates with their research innovations from three Interdisciplinary Research Groups (IRGs): BioSyM, FM and LEES.

The Autonomous Vehicle (AV) team from FM leveraged this platform to showcase its new four-seater AV. Ready for deployment, this AV aims to solve the first-and-last mile problem. One of its new features is its capability to execute real-time route-replanning for obstructed path.

Eng You Hong, SMART AV Project Lead, said: "This sleek AV is suitable for places not easily accessible by cars, such as private roads. It has been tested within NUS UTown Plaza as well. And is ready for commercial trial deployment."

And in line with Singapore's vision to be a Smart Nation, SMART also showcased BioSyM's microfluidics device which is capable of capturing cell growth in 3D. This better models how cancer and other cells interact in the body, thereby rendering personalised medicine a reality as drugs can be tested within this more realistic environment. LEES highlighted their innovations, which is done in collaboration with the semiconductor industry, to improve the electronics world by leaps and bounds.

EmTech Asia was held on 26 & 27 Jan 2016 at the Singapore Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre. The conference featured local and international speakers, an exhibition and networking opportunities and is a hallmark of the region’s innovative spirit and exemplary research and development. This event was organised by MIT Technology Review and SMART as the innovation partner.


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