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Examining the "Future of Science, Tech & Policy" in Singapore

Understanding the start-up scene at BASH

#FSTP2017 - a great success For the second year running, this five-day workshop dubbed "The Future of Science, Technology and Policy 2017 (Smart City)" provided 27 grad students from

  • MIT Technology and Policy Program (TPP);

  • ETH Institute for Science, Technology and Policy (ISTP);

  • NUS (School of Engineering and the LKY School of Public Policy); and

  • SUTD

a platform to examine the technology and policy choices for Singapore. With a focus on smart city, the workshop zoomed in on these four areas:

  • Building a resilient smart city;

  • Cybersecurity;

  • Future of urban mobility; and

  • Entrepreneurship in the digital world

which culminated in a group presentation. Held from 10 - 14 July 2017, the students had the opportunity to ride on the SMART self-driving car and visited several interesting places including SUTD iiTrust Cybersecurity Lab and LTA Intelligent Transport Systems Centre. Check out the photos on Flickr and youtube video for more.


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