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Getting acquainted with SMART self-driving car

Dr Eng You Hong (top right) shares about the car's lidar (laser sensor) which has a sensing radius of 50m and is coupled with a stereo camera for object detection.

Watch Channel 8's 狮城有约 or "Hello Singapore" for an introduction to SMART AV technology

"Hello Singapore" - a Chinese current affairs TV programme - featured SMART Future Urban Mobility (FM) Autonomous Vehicle (AV) in this episode on the "Future of Singapore".

The host, Vincent Lim (Lin Liangquan), gets super excited about his first-ever driverless car ride. Nervous, though he may be, he comes out of it more confident and assured than ever of the safety of it as he gets a deep understanding of how the combination of research and cutting-edge technologies make SMART's self-driving car a real possibility for a convenient (mobility-on-demand) and smooth ride in the near future, for the first-and-last mile commute.

Dr Eng You Hong, SMART FM AV Lead, elaborates: "To be able to take to the road, SMART self-driving car has to be able to locate itself in its environment, take in data as it moves along and identify obstructions in its path. Then only can it decide how to make its way from the starting point to its destination in the pre-mapped route. The SMART self-driving car has been tested since 2013 and always has a safety driver behind the wheels."

Catch this six-minute Chinese clip on CREATE's Facebook or watch the whole episode on Channel 8's website (SMART is at the 33rd minute point).


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