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Shivers over growing plankton to cool earth

SMART CENSAM Dr Benjamin Grandey's research is not in favour of geo-engineering

To do or not to do: that is the question ... about geoengineering that is. While some scientists believe that the deliberate growing of planktons can help to combat global warming as they take in carbon dioxide, others like SMART CENSAM Prof Wang Chien and Dr Benjamin Grandey say that this can do more harm than good.

According to their paper published in science journal Nature's Scientific Reports, entitled 'Enhanced marine sulphur emissions offset global warming and impact rainfalls', tinkering with Mother Nature through such geoengineering feat will backfire, causing erratic rainfalls which could affect livelihoods, water resources and the environment.

Check out the full story, replete with infographics, in The Straits Times (23 Oct 2015) and AsiaOne.


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