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SMART autonomous kayak joins fight against algae

CENSAM WAVES lab team preparing to deploy the autonomous kayak

Since 2010, SMART CENSAM has been developing the autonomous kayak as a weapon in the war against killer algae.

This 3m-long kayak is armed with 90kg of electronics, battery and sensors that measure water temperature, salinity and chlorophyll, oxygen and turbidity.

Propelled by trolling motor, and equipped with GPS, compass and IMU used for navigation, this kayak autonomously navigates to the appointed spot and can also be remotely controlled.

Empowered with capabilities to conduct real-time sensor data collection and scenario-based decision making, this autonomous surface vehicle is a quintessential marine robot to monitor Singapore coastal waters.

SMART CENSAM, in collaboration with the NUS Tropical Marine Science Institute (TMSI), recently went out for a sea trial to test out these robots and other technologies that aim to mitigate the harmful effects of algae bloom on the fish in Singapore's fish farms.

See more in the story reported by The Straits Times.


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