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SMART celebrates 10 years of success

SMART is 10!

Celebrating breakthroughs, translational impact and success

The 4th of July has always held a special place in the hearts of all SMART staff. And it is not just because it is America's Independence Day, but also the official start of SMART as a legal and operational entity in Singapore. "SMART was the brainchild of President Tony Tan and farsighted people at MIT like Bob Brown, John Desforge and Tom Magnanti," SMART CEO & Director, Daniel Hastings elucidated in his opening address. He went on to "boringly" expound on how SMART's five entities have achieved astounding research success with translational impact and spin-offs, while Pauline Teo, SMART Corporate Communications Manager, "translated" his speech into "happy" terms. Games galore were played throughout the evening (see pictures below) as staff and their families enjoyed the gastronomic feast. The night culminated in a cake-cutting for all July babies and a group photo against the backdrop of the beach. Till the next 4th of July! Yes, SMART is here for the long haul.


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