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SMART in RIE News - NRF's inaugural emagazine

Dr Chionh aims to rapidly develop therapeutic solutions against emerging viruses at Tychan, a SMART-ID startup.

SMART alumni Dr Yok Hian Chionh and Dr Erik Velasco's research featured in this issue

To reach out to those who enjoy a light read on science and innovation in Singapore, the National Research Foundation (NRF) Singapore has published its first RIE news - a 14-page e-magazine. Check out the three-page story on SMART ID and CENSAM in this inaugural issue.

SMART ID Get upclose and personal with Dr Yok Hian Chionh, a SMART ID alumnus as he gives his take on how his scientific journey from SMART has propelled him to new heights in his career at Tychan - a SMART ID startup.

Tychan announced it has developed the first antibody for Zika that is now ready for human trials. Dubbed Tyzivumab, the Zika therapeutics is developed in a record time of nine months and has been proven safe and effective in animals. The short development cycle of the therapeutics is made possible by the company’s novel approach that integrates drug development and bio-manufacturing processes

CENSAM And did you know that taking the MRT is the cleanest way to get around Orchard Road? And that commuters taking the train breathe in 60% less fine particles and over 80% less ultrafine particles compared to walking. Read the CENSAM story on "Linking transport option and toxic particle inhalation" to find out more about the research findings by Dr Erik Velasco and NUS collaborators.


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