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Tough questions, not-so-easy answers

Some 36 grad students from MIT, SEC, TUM, SUTD, NUS & NTU at the office of AI Singapore

The third Science, Technology & Policy workshop themed "The Future of Work" Wicked problems. Tough questions. And not-so-easy answers.

These were what some 36 graduate students from six different entities had to address as they hit the ground running to come up with solutions for Singapore's challenges. In just a matter of five days, these students from MIT, ETH, TUM, SUTD, NTU and NUS, had to present their ideas on these five points:

  • AI

  • Robotics

  • Cybersecurity

  • Governance

  • Education

Lectures from government and research experts; and tours of educational institutes and agencies provided fodder for their final presentations. Eric Protzer, an Economic Policy Research Assistant at MIT Industrial Performance Centre, said: "I think the best thing about going to a conference like this is that you get a plethora of different perspectives.

You have Singaporeans representing an Asian policy background, the ETH folks from the European, and MIT from the North American background; and people from all sorts of academic disciplines, and the result is that you get this confluence of ideas that allow you to get a broader point of view, and consequently better ideas (to solve Singapore's challenges)."

Organised by SMART, ETH, NUS, SUTD as well as TUMCREATE and NTU, this workshop (#STP2018) was held mainly at CREATE Tower from 16 - 20 July 2018. Photos and videos below give you a glimpse into the talks, and tours at NTU, SUTD, Land Transport Authority's Intelligent Transport Systems Centre and Urban Redevelopment Authority Centre.


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