Application Requirements

In order for your PhD Graduate Fellowship application to be reviewed by the Committee, your application must include the documents listed below. Failure to adhere to this may disqualify your application.

  1. Provide a research statement based on your interest within the SMART IRG. To find out more information on the projects within the IRG, click on the link below:

  2. Provide the name and institutional email address of two (2) academic referees. Your referee(s) must either be a faculty member from your undergraduate university or a faculty member from where you obtained your most recent degree. If you are currently employed, your principal investigator, senior academic advisor or supervisor can serve as your referee.
    NOTE: Before you provide the name and email address of your referee, please be sure they have already agreed to fill out a referee report form for your application to the PhD Graduate Fellowship.
  3. Your referee will have access to the online referee report form soon after you provide his/her institutional email address. An auto-generated email will be sent to your referees asking them to fill out the form. Once your referee has completed the form, an automated email will be sent to you confirming receipt of your referee’s report. Recommendation letters will not be accepted in lieu of the referee report.

    NTU and NUS requires the applicant’s referee to submit an online referee report form. The deadline to submit the form is December 16, 2013. Be sure you give your referees at least two (2) weeks before the deadline to fill out the report.

    If you are applying to both NTU & NUS, and choose to provide the same referee, your referee must fill out two (2) separate referee report forms; one (1) for NTU and one (1) for NUS. NOTE: It is the student’s responsibility to alert the referee that they must fill out two (2) separate online reports and ensure both referees submit the report by the due date.

  4. Supporting documents:
    In order for your online application to be considered complete, you must upload the documents in the “Supporting Documentation” page. The files must be in PDF format and should be saved as an individual document, each not exceeding 6Mb. We suggest you prepare these materials before you start the application process.
    1. A photocopy of your academic transcript(s). Alternatively, a copy of your degree audit or latest academic record, if your transcript is not available. [Once you receive confirmation of your admission to the university, you will be required to submit a certified true copy of your transcript(s) directly to the university. If your transcript is not in English, you must provide a certified translated version in English.]
    2. A copy of your GRE/GATE (or an equivalent) score.
      [NOTE: If you have already taken the GRE/GATE, your GRE score is valid for 5 years, the GATE score is valid for 2 years.]
    3. A copy of your TOEFL/IELTS score if your native language is not English.
      [NOTE: If you have already taken the TOEFL/IELTS, your TOEFL score is valid for 2 years, the IELTS score is valid for 2 years.]

      [NOTE on items b and c: A student who received their undergraduate degree from NTU or NUS is exempt from this requirement. If you are scheduled to take the GRE/GATE/TOEFL/IELTS test after the application deadline, please indicate the date of the test on your application. You must send your score sheet(s) to by December 16, 2013. Please plan your test date accordingly.]

    4. A scanned copy of your most recent passport-size photograph in JPEG format.
    5. Optional:
      • Master/Degree certificate(s) or Diploma certificate(s);
      • Copies of awards;
      • A chronological list of research publications/journals, stating all the authors, titles, publishers/journals, first and last page number (Do not send copies of your publications);
      • Resume/CV/Biodata.
  5. You must submit your application through the SMART online portal. Otherwise, your application will not be considered.

Guidelines for Awarding of PhD Graduate Fellowships

  1. A student who applied to one university will only be considered for that university and not the other.
  2. If the student is admitted to both NTU and NUS, the student has the option to select the university through which to accept the PhD Graduate Fellowship.
  3. If a student has identified more than one potential SMART IRG, the student has the option to select which IRG s/he would like to work for provided s/he have been awarded the fellowhip to both the IRGs.
  4. If a student has more than one potential research advisor from SMART-NTU and/or SMART-NUS, the student has the option to select an advisor provided the SMART-MIT advisor has a collaborator with that particular university.
  5. A student who is not awarded a PhD Graduate Fellowship will be considered for other fellowships within the university provided that they indicated this on their application.

Process in place after the Awardees have been identified

  1. SMART will notify the student who have been awarded the PhD Graduate Fellowship via email.
  2. NTU and NUS will send the official offer letter and the terms and conditions of the Fellowship.
  3. The status on the student's application for admission to the university will be conveyed to the student by NTU or NUS.