Application Requirements

In order for your SMURF application to be reviewed by the Committee, your application must include the documents listed below. Failure to adhere to this may disqualify your application.

  1. SMART IRG: Select a SMART Interdisciplinary Research Group (IRG) that fits your research interest.

  2. Project List: Identify a project within the SMART IRG that fits your research interest.

    Click the links below to find out more information on the projects within the IRGs:

  3. SMART-MIT Investigator: Select the MIT Investigators name from the project you selected above.
    a) Contact the MIT Investigator and inform him/her of your interest to work on his/her project;
    b) Obtain an email approval from the MIT Investigator that he/she is agreeable to host you in his/her lab in Singapore. Scan the email approval and submit this along with your personal statement and transcript of records.

  4. Personal Statement: Submit a 1-3 page statement describing why you would like to work on the above project. Also include some background information about yourself, potential outcomes working on his/her project, goals, and why you want to work at the SMART Centre.

  5. Recommendation Letter: Ask 2 referees to send a recommendation letter directly to Ms. Jocelyn Sales (
    • One of your referee must be a faculty member from your home university. The faculty you select must be able to provide an assessment of your academic abilities (i.e. strengths and weaknesses).
    • The letter must be prepared using the faculty's official university or departmental letterhead.

  6. Transcript: Provide an electronic version (in PDF) of your most recent transcript or grade report (even if it is unofficial).

For more information about this programme, please contact Ms. Jocelyn Sales.