Center for Environmental Sensing and Modeling (CENSAM) IRG

The grand challenge of the centre for environmental sensing and modeling (CENSAM) is to provide proof of concepts in the paradigm of pervasive monitoring, modeling and control within the highly developed and carefully managed urban environment of Singapore.

Pervasive sensing provides a new paradigm for monitoring, modeling and control of natural and infrastructure systems that affect the environment. CENSAM aims to create a centre of excellence in environmental sensing and modeling that will demonstrate the importance of pervasive sensing through applications in the well managed urban environment of Singapore.

Mission The long-term goal of CENSAM is to develop a representation of the natural and built environment that will seamlessly transition from micro-scale processes (at the level of an individual constructed facilities, 1-10km), to the meso-scale of the citystate of Singapore (10-100km) and the macrosystem of the coupled biosphere-atmosphere-ocean (at the regional scale, 100-1000km). Multiple resolution environmental models will assimilate remote sensing data from satellite and airborne platforms with ground observations from diverse sensor networks and mobile sub-marine AUV sensor platforms. CENSAM brings together a multidisciplinary team of MIT faculty with researchers from Singaporean academic institutions.