Infectious Diseases (ID) IRG

The SMART Infectious Disease IRG (ID-IRG) seeks fundamental understanding of host-pathogen interactions as well as direct impact on human health through translational research. The ID-IRG focuses on infectious diseases that have major impact on human health, including influenza, dengue fever, malaria and tuberculosis.

The strategy of the IRG is to develop enabling technologies, including humanized mouse model, high throughput single cell assay, high resolution proteonomics, glycomics, metabolomics and cellular mechanics platforms, to study infectious diseases using novel approaches and from new angles. The ID-IRG has developed an integrated, cutting-edge research program with participation of both MIT faculty and investigators from Singapore universities and research institutes.


Advance basic understanding of pathogen-host interactions at the molecular, cellular and systems levels.

  • Use this basic knowledge to develop diagnostics, prophylactics and therapeutics for specific diseases.
  • Train a new generation of scientific leaders in infectious disease research.