Low Energy Electronic Systems (LEES) IRG

The SMART Low Energy Electronic Systems IRG aims to identify new integrated circuit technologies that becomes the new added value for reduced energy per function, lower power consumption and higher performance in our electronics infrastructure. These integrated circuits of the future are expected to impact applications in wireless communication, power electronics, LED lighting, printing, displays, and computing. The research is performed by teams that have expertise in materials, devices, and circuits, invoking new advances at all levels to produce electronic systems that perform new function while decreasing system energy. The initial technology goals are in the areas of Power Electronic Systems, Efficient Communications, and Multi-functional Displays and Lighting Systems.

Mission To become the source of future integrated circuit technolgies and opportunities.

Objectives To create an interdisciplinary research environment in which materials, device, and integrated researchers work together to shape innovation in semiconductor and integrated technology, leading to new low-energy systems.