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Developing interest in science and policy research

(3rd from right) SMART CEO & Director, Daniel Hastings, together with the 21 grad students at Marina Barrage

Jointly organised by Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology and FCL Future Cities Laboratory along with SUTD Singapore University of Technology & Design and National University of Singapore, 'The Future of Science, Technology and Policy in Singapore' brings together graduate students from MIT Technology and Policy Program, ETH Zürich's Institute of Science, Technology and Policy, NUS - Industrial & Systems Engineering, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy and SUTD for a 5-day workshop to examine the technology and policy choices for Singapore, and to understand the complexities of formulating policies to achieve desired outcomes.

This workshop comprised presentations by subject matter experts and visits to relevant Ministries and Public Sector Agencies (National Environment Agency - NEA, PUB, Singapore's National Water Agency, Urban Redevelopment Authority, Housing & Development Board, Land Transport Authority – We Keep Your World Moving, Ministry of Transport, Singapore, Smart Nation Singapore) around 4 areas:

  • Future City

  • Future urban mobility

  • Sustainable environment

  • Smart digital nation

Read the TODAY newspaper Op-Ed by SMART & FCL on 'Policymakers now have to be scientists, too'.

Check out the youtube video for highlights of the overall programme. The event culminated in a sharing session by attendees, who will synthesise their findings and present their recommendations on a policy-relevant problem to Agency representatitves and decision-makers. It was held from 20-24 Jun 2016.


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